Riding for Recovery

In the continuing series of videos we've been creating for Lake Health, our latest narrative speaks to the reality that a heart attack can happen to anyone at any age.

AIDET: A Prescription for Courtesy

A recent challenge we had was to produce an effective training video explaining a popular acronym in healthcare; AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank You).

Instructional videos have the potential to be dull, so the goal was concepting a visually interesting video that had a retentive quality to it. Both of these elements came together to create a unique and effective video that is now mandatory in teaching team members about patient care.

Here's a condensed version of the longer video:

Virginia Heat

If you can push it to the limit in 95 degree weather and end the day with a smile on everyone's face, you know you have the right chemistry of client and crew.

On a recent industrial project to build a client's image library, mWILKES spent two days in Virginia shooting stills and filming video interviews in both residential and commercial construction sites.

In this business, at times your skill-set has to go beyond just framing a great image. Being with a crew that has the right mindset made this trip a very productive one.


A trend we've seen, with the corporate portraiture we've done, is executives seem to be taking a more personalized and less formal approach to their PR imagery. As evidenced by a recent stills project for the new CEO of DXY Solutions, Doug Hardman. 


Check out our engaging story about artist, Derek Brennan, and how he translates wildlife through the medium of encaustic painting.

A quote from Derek Brennan:
"The visuals in this video are seriously amazing! I am very pleased with Mike's work and believe that this video accurately describes how textural and involved my process is. I'm very thankful for that!"

Comfort Zones

Great interviews are really just great conversations caught on camera. Here's a conversation we had with Mary Ann Cahill, an 85 year old woman who just had shoulder surgery and had never been on camera before.

We pride ourselves in knowing how to make people feel comfortable while also sharing their unique story. Everyone has a story to tell. We’re constantly fascinated with with the people we meet and the stories they share, no matter what they may be.