Shifting Gears

Mike and Tim decided to have a little fun doing a personal project for a friend of the studio: the band, Angry Young Men.

Here is their version of a classic Prince song:

Integrative Medicine

It’s fascinating to see how ancient, holistic medical practices are beginning to infiltrate into western medicine.

A recent project for Lake Health gave us the opportunity to discover different forms of integrative medicine: Acupuncture, Cupping, Qigong, and Homeopathic Medicine.

Wrapping Up 2016

Projects took us to shoot everything from lawn products in Los Angeles, mines in the deep south, to construction in New England. Looking back on the collaborations we’ve had with clients and crew, 2016 reminded us of how enjoyable a job we have and how fortunate we are to be able to work with our core team of Kendall, Tim, Connie, Melanie, and Mariella. The addition of Hailey Bickett as our studio coordinator leaves us very optimistic, and looking forward to what 2017 will bring! Best of the New Year to all!

Columbiana Boiler Co. Maufacturing in the Heartland

It was great working with R.H. Blake to help the Columbiana Boiler Company expand upon their existing worldwide market. The video we created told the story of their cutting edge approach to manufacturing galvanizing kettles using steel up to two and a half inches thick.

Since its founding in 1894, CBC has evolved into a worldwide leader in kettle manufacturing for the continuous strip and hot-dip galvanizing industries.

There's something about that energy

We were recently commissioned by Akron advertising firm, Artists Incorporated, to collaborate on a set of promotional billboards and supplementary videos expressing why current students chose to attend Archbishop Hoban High School. We were immediately impacted by the strong sense of optimism and positivity present among these students.

We couldn’t help but walk away refreshed and recharged by that energy.

I was stuck behind a school bus on my way into the studio the other morning. It seemed to be stopping every 15 feet. With every stop I wondered when the bus was going to get moving again.

Then I remembered watching my kids getting on and off those buses and began to think…maybe I didn’t need to be in so much of a rush.

Following is a series of stills and a video we did for Lakewood Catholic Academy, a Catholic elementary school in Lakewood, with Debbie Riddle of driddleDesign.