Another in a Series...

Another in our series of dialogues we've had with some friends that are willing to open up and tell us some stories from their life. We sat and down and talked with Amelia this week.


About Baseball

We invited a few friends to drop by and share some of their stories.

While we had some questions prepared, we told Dave that if he wanted to talk about anything in particular to feel free to. He didn't hesitate. "Baseball. I want to talk about baseball." 



"In a cool, quiet sort of way...

... There's always something interesting happening around here..."

Overheard at Advanced Controls Inc while we were helping them build their library. After spending some time there, we could see what they meant. We hope you see it too. 




Happy Accidents

A recent video project gave us the opportunity to site search through a series of farms in the Central / North Central farmlands of Ohio. We eventually chose the Buckeye Country Creamery, run by the Lahmer family.

Following are a few repurposed images from the tech scout.

Buckeye Creamery B&W-01 size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-02size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-03size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-04size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-06.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-07size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-08size.jpg
Buckeye Creamery B&W-09size.jpg


Riding for Recovery

In the continuing series of videos we've been creating for Lake Health, our latest narrative speaks to the reality that a heart attack can happen to anyone at any age.

AIDET: A Prescription for Courtesy

A recent challenge we had was to produce an effective training video explaining a popular acronym in healthcare; AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank You).

Instructional videos have the potential to be dull, so the goal was concepting a visually interesting video that had a retentive quality to it. Both of these elements came together to create a unique and effective video that is now mandatory in teaching team members about patient care.

Here's a condensed version of the longer video: