Sum of the parts

With offices in Chicago and Cleveland, this company wanted to bring a similar energy to the backgrounds for their team portraits. The elevator lobbies at each of their facilities fit the bill nicely.

Chaos and Vision

Todd Pownell, Principal at TAP jewelry, had a concept that he wanted brought to life. A concept predicated on revealing Tap Jewelry’s fascination with nature’s fierce chaos and expression that somehow is distilled into the unbound natural beauty found in the gemstones they work with. 

With the help of Songwriter / Producer and Voiceover talent Esjay Jones (, we collaborated to create this story based on Todds script.



A pudgy little miracle


You know you’re in for an interesting story when an attending physician says:

 “..I was a little surprised when I heard the code blue… it was a little bit shocking, I really didn’t believe it…I’ve never really heard that before in 20 something years of doing this..”

Fortunately for Desiree and her baby, that attending physician, Dr. James Guerrieri, and the team at Lake West, were on top of two rare medical events happening at the same time during the birth of her son: Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).

Both very rare on their own, both very serious and both with very high mortality rates.

In our continuing series of patient success stories for Lake Health, we’re consistently pretty amazed, but this one left us with a sense of “wow”.


Frank Yankovic Would be Proud...

Our favorite Polish restaurant in the city is Seven Roses, so we were pretty excited to see that they will be a part of the Fleet Summer Polka Party with Slavic Village Development. With this event coming up, we thought to pull out this video we had done for Sophie a few years back.

Glad to see and support the fresh energy coming into the Slavic Village, so we hope you'll come celebrate Cleveland's Polish heritage at the Fleet Summer Polka Party this Saturday, July 14th 2018, from 4:00-10:00 pm. Hosted at Seven Roses Restaurant and Deli, this event is free to the public and will feature Seven Roses' delicious polish food (including the Szarlotka, the Polish apple pie!), polish beer, and live polka music

For more information, and to see more events coming up in Cleveland's historic Slavic Village, visit

Perfect Power Wash

It’s a very simple message: Our guys are very serious about the job they do. Perfect power wash wanted images bolstering that straightforward, no-nonsense approach that their teams bring to every job.